UNGRIP — A Documentary on Common Law & Human Sovereignty

“All law forms today are based upon our consent, should the people of today discover the important truth that we can say no at anytime, we may find a revolution within the current system to be inevitable.”

— Ben Stewart,UNGRIP

Have you heard of a ‘natural person’ before?

When you are referred to by your name in capital letters, this is addressing you not as a human being, but as a Corporation. It’s a manufactured entity created by a governing structure through various legal documents (birth certificate, licenses, identification..etc) which are enforced only via our consent.

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This documentary unravels the unfathomably large veil that has been drawn over our eyes and has in turn manufactured and unnatural human civilisation and duped the masses into consensual slavery.

This film takes some time to digest and is worth repeat viewings as the information is so deeply counter to what has been fed to us for decades.

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