Pfizer Exposed: These Facts Reveal Morally Bankrupt History to COVID Pharmaceutical Supplier

COVID is a colossal financial opportunity. Especially for pharmaceutical companies. One of the most controversial companies, Pfizer, just secured a $2 billion deal with the US Government to supply over 600 million doses of the new experimental mRNA vax. This calls for some due diligence and a look into the morals and ethics that surround this companies background.

The US deal itself makes up for the $2.3bn criminal fine Pfizer received from the US government back in 2009 — the biggest criminal fine in US history.

In recent times, it was just last week that Pfizer CEO Dumped 62% Of His Stock On COVID announcement, a legal insider trading move that again brought into question Pfizer’s integrity, a case Oxfam has consistently pointed out since it accused Pfizer of moral bankruptcy in 2001.

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This video exposes the disturbing facts and malpractice behind Pfizer’s countless international court cases. And with hundreds of million’s of people’s health on the line, it’s standard due diligence to investigate the company supplying a global COVID solution.

What’s your thoughts?

Should we unquestionably trust in these companies to fast-track and rapidly supply a safe global solution to the virus? Or should we be publicly questioning their integrity and ask for transparency along the way.

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