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41% of US Kids Think Bacon Comes from Plants. What Does this Reveal about Our Society?


Does bacon come from animals or plants?

This is one of the questions kids from the US were asked in a recent study. And the results are very disappointing: Believe it or not, over 30% of kids answered that bacon — among other foods, including hot dogs, shrimp, cheese and eggs — comes from plants!

So, what exactly does this reveal about our society? Which the video below to find out.


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When Your Year Didn’t Go as Planned

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Amy Webb: A Glimpse Into The Future

This hour, futurist Amy Webb guides us through innovations that give a glimpse into the future of transportation, wellness, tech, commerce, and travel … and the impacts they’ll have on our lives.

Heart Wisdom – Ep. 136 – The Sacred Pause

Our meditation—our spiritual life—it’s not about becoming a good meditator. It’s about one breath at a time, one day, one moment. This is an invitation to pause, to take time, to remember the sense of mystery. With mindfulness you may discover a peace that allows you to be present, compassionate and open.

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Everything Will End

“There is no real ending. It’s just the place where you stop the story.” Frank Herbert

There will be a last time for everything. Everything will end.

A last time you pick up your kids and carry them around.

A last time you hug a friend.

A last time you pet your dog or cat.

A last time you smile at a stranger.

A last time you hold hands.

A last time you feel the sun on your face.

A last time you feel the grass under your feet.

A last time you smell the salt of the ocean.

A last time you hear laughter.

A last time you laugh.

A last time you read a book.

A last time you see the stars.

A last kiss.

A last time you say I love you.

A last time you take a breath.

Everything will end.

But there is also a first time for everything.

A first breath.

A first day.

A first smile.

A first step.

A first word.

A first tooth.

A first hug.

A first kiss.

A first trip.

A first experience.

A first feeling.

A first love.

Everything has a beginning and an ending.

Today is a beginning — a first.

Yesterday was an ending — a last.

Today is the day to focus on the firsts instead of the lasts.

Today is an opportunity to start over and create new firsts. To find what you’ve been looking for. To live instead of merely exist!

If you are reading this, TODAY IS A BLESSING. Many experienced their last times today. So take advantage of the blessing you have received.

Jeff Barton is a writer, ultra-runner, lover of books and zombies, a practitioner of positive thinking, and most importantly, a dad. Living and loving life one day at a time. You can find him at and

Image courtesy of S Migaj.