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Video: Gratitude and Generosity Meditation

Like the waves of the ocean, the breath rises and falls. Bring loving awareness to the breath.

Shift your attention from the breath to all the sensations in your body. With mindful loving awareness, notice the whole field of sensations. If there are areas of pain or stiffness, bow to them and hold them with kindness. Hold them as you would a child who is going through a hard time. Notice how this kind loving awareness allows for the tension and knots to soften in their own way.

Now as an expression of gratitude, say thank you to your own body for caring so much, for holding so much as you move through the days and nights. Tell your body, “I’m ok just now—you can relax. You can rest.”

Now bring your attention to your heart that carries so much. Notice all that your heart has been holding: longings, fear, love, worry, frustration, excitement, sadness, appreciation, doubt, deep love. Say thank you to your heart for caring so much, for trying to help and protect you. Tell your heart, “I’m ok just now—you can relax. You can rest.” Let your heart be at ease.

Now bring your attention to your mind that produces a stream of thoughts, images, pictures, plans, memories, ideas. Feel the energy of the mind, creative, sometimes obsessed, analyzing, exploring, opening. Say thank you for working so hard to take care of you, to protect you. Tell your mind, “I’m ok just now—you can relax. You can rest.”

Notice that you’re not your body, feelings, thoughts. You are the loving witness, you are consciousness itself. You are the loving awareness that acknowledges the body, heart and mind. Relax into loving awareness. You are the silent, vast witness to it all.

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This meditation was originally livestreamed by Spirit Rock on 11/22/21.

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Practice Letting Go! – Easy Tips for Releasing What No Longer Serves You in 3 Mins

Hello Spiritual Warrior, where have you been holding on too tightly? Where can you let go? In this short video, we’ll practice letting go of what no longer serves you.

Like the daily practice of meditation – the process of lessening our resistance includes surrendering, accepting, detaching, and then trusting that this moment is THE moment – bringing our awareness to the fluidity and evolutionary nature of life. This is what is means to practice letting go.

When we oppose what is flowing into us, we are saying NO to the universe. We are denying our most divine nature. When we resist, we suddenly put an end to infinite possibilities.

And so of course it would follow that when we resist letting go, we are also denying the Universe.

There are many lessons (and growing pains) along the journey of our life, which may contribute to the underlying challenge that makes us reluctant to trust and welcome the unknown. But we can shift that non-nourishing mindset very easily and quickly by beginning the processing of ALLOWING ourselves to receive what’s being offered to us right now.

But if your hand is tightly clenched in a fist holding onto something, it’s incapable of receiving. When you resist letting go, there is only one outcome that you are carving into the moment. Simply by opening yourself to another outcome rather than one, life expands, new possibilities arise, and your choices become liberating as fear and constriction drift away. You can practice letting go just one thing to get this new momentum moving.

Miracles often appear when we least expect them…when we are innocent and vulnerable to the next moment. The magic of life surges into us when we remain open without expectation & are willing to listen without assuming that we know how the universe is supposed to unfold.

As the Seventh Dalai Lama wrote, “All things found in the world and beyond are illusions created by one’s own concepts. Grasping at them but further distorts perception. Give up grasping and see things as they are.”

So, this week, let’s give up grasping… let’s give up fear… let’s give up RESISTING… let’s truly practice LETTING GO! The best is yet to come.

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Sending you expansive love, personal growth, and health. Be well.

Namaste. -davidji & Peaches the Buddha Princess

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davidji is a globally recognized mindbody health & wellness expert, mindful performance trainer, meditation teacher & author of Amazon’s Best Seller destressifying: The Real-World Guide to Personal Empowerment, Lasting Fulfillment, and Peace of Mind, Sacred Powers: The Five Secrets to Transformation and Secrets of Meditation: A Practical Guide to Inner Peace & Personal Transformation, & winner of the Nautilus Book Award. Connect with him on . Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

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How To Unplug from the Social Media and Take a Break

Unplug from the Social Media


What is the first thing you do when you wake up, extend your hand out of the blanket toward your phone?

Does your hand go to your phone the very moment you hear the sound of the message coming from your phone?

Do you read the news, write to your friends and see what they wrote before falling asleep at night?

Are you caught in a cycle of endless scrolling, spending hours with your eyes glued on the screen?

Young people might not know how life was before the era of technology, when people read books and met friends, and when children played games in the yard or street.

People were more focused and their attention span was longer, since there where not plenty of things to distract the attention.

Some, crave for the times when life was simpler, before technology began ruling our lives.

Unplugging from Social Media Gives You Back Your Life

How about some unplugging from technology and from the social media? How about becoming the boss of your life, instead of letting technology rule your life?

Well, unplugging might leave you feeling disconnected. You might feel lonely. This is because you forgot that there is life outside of your phone and the computer.

Unplugging from Social Media gives you back control over your time and your life.

You need to unplug more often. You will lose nothing. You will back in control of your mind, attention and time.

I am not telling to ditch your pone and computer. Not at all! Just display some moderation.

The mobile phone and the computer have changed the life on Earth and they are vital tools. Use them wisely, but do not let them control your life.

There Is a Whole World Around You

Each one of us need some time every day to be away from social media and the internet. A time for calming the mind, living the real life, not digital life.

Are you aware of the long hours you spend surfing the Internet and being engaged with your social media accounts. Can you imagine how many things you could have accomplished, if you directed your time and energy to achieving goals?

You need to put healthy boundaries, so you can bring sanity back to your life.

Young people, who have been born into the digital age, and grown with it, might not now what I am talking about. They might have never known a different kind of life.

It’s like living a closed room without windows and doors. You know what is in the room, but do not know that there is life outside of it.

Suppose someone breaks an opening in one the walls of the room and you can go out. You suddenly see a different world. You discover that there are other people, there is a sun shining in the sky. You see trees, flowers and birds, a whole new world, which you were not conscious of.

Unplugging can do the same!

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How to Unplug from the Social Media

Here are my favorite tips to unplug from your social media accounts:

  1. Once a day, turn off your phone for 30 minutes or put it on mute.
  2. Once in a while, put your phone away in a drawer, away from where you are sitting or working.
  3. Occasionally, turn off your phone at night, and turn it on again in the morning. Yes, you can switch off your phone and let it rest.
  4. Put off the sound of you phone while eating, and put it upside down so you cannot see the screen.
  5. Once a day, leave your phone in a different room, and sit down reading a book for 10, 20 minutes or more.
  6. It is also good to unplug before you go to sleep. Think about something pleasant or about a goal you wish to achieve, instead of fixing eyes on the screen.
  7. You don’t have to respond to every notification, and you do not need to respond immediately, especially when you are busy.
  8. Focus on the things that really matter, or which you always procrastinate.
  9. A great number of the notifications do not convey any important information. The world will go on existing even if you don’t read them or respond.
  10. If you wish to be in control of yourself and of your life, stop allowing your attention be distracted by every notification on your phone.
  11. Finish what you are doing, and then look at your phone. This will increase your attention span and improve your focus.

Remember, it’s your time, and you decide what to do it. Don’t let your phone, your notifications, and the social media accounts decide for you.

You don’t need to unplug all the time, even just 10-20 minutes here and there would be a good.

It’s tough to unplug. You feel as if you are unplugging from your friends, from your life. Everyone is immersed in the social media, hardly noticing how deep they became addicted.

It’s funny to see how people drop everything the moment they get a notification. It’s an automatic robotic action.

Would a real friend break relations with you if you do not respond immediately? Of course, not!

Being Always available Is not Very Helpful

Unplugging from the Internet can have a positive effect on your mindset and your thinking. You will be able to think your own thoughts and have time with yourself. This would give you time to unplug from outside ideas and opinions and make you free.

Surfing the Internet can inspire you, encourage you, and get you all the information and knowledge you want.

It can help you make connections, and it can entertain you.

However, taking it too far, can mess with your mindset, and make you forget the real world.

As in everything in life, moderation is important.

People don’t really care about every experience you share. They don’t care where you have been and what you have done.

Documenting your life and every unimportant action and activity will not get you into the history books, so that generations in the future would learn from your experiences.

Getting many likes does not mean that you are an important person or that people really like you.

Life for everyone has changed. We are all plugged in and immersed in a virtual world now. We forgot reality.

Unplugging Occasionally keeps You Charged

You plug your phone to charge it.

You also plug various electrical appliances in order to charge them.

However, if you want to charge yourself, you need to do the opposite. You need to unplug.

Unplugging occasionally from the Internet and from the Social Media can energize you, if you use the time wisely.

Here are a few things you will be able to do if you stop being a slave to your phone:

  1. You will get out from your bed refreshed and energetic after a good night’s sleep.
  2. You will have time to prepare and eat breakfast.
  3. Meditate once a day
  4. Start reading books.
  5. You will find the time to exercise, walk, or go to the gym.
  6. There will be a better listener and there would be and better communication. You would actually hear what people are saying.
  7. You will find time for your hobbies.

These are just of the few the many activities you will enjoy doing.

Being online all the time puts us at risk of living our entire lives in some kind of virtual reality.

You might think you have friends, but are they really friends, or just virtual friends?

You feel close to other people, to celebrities, actors and singers, because you follow their daily lives. With all due respect to them, but is this really important? Does this improve your life in any way?

Ask Yourself the Following Questions

  • What are you afraid of missing out on if you unplug for ten twenty minutes or more?
  • Would people break your relationship with you?
  • Will your friends forget you?
  • Do you believe you will offend someone if you do not respond on the spot?
  • Are your fears justified? Most probably they are not!

Setting Boundaries

You need to set boundaries, so you can reclaim your time and your life.

If it makes you feel good, tell your friends that you might not respond immediately, because you wish to unplug once in a while.

Technology is an important part of our life, but we should not allow it to control our life. We should learn to use it when we need it, when necessary, and unplug whenever we want.

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Tips to Improve Your Writing Skills

Tips to Improve Your Writing Skills


Writers having sharp and impressive writing skills gain more success in the competitive market. The competition has become massively tough and challenging. There are tremendous approaches that are being utilized by the writer to add more value to the content.

The beginners often have to strive hard to improve their writing skills, and hence they look for multiple means to do so. Writers must ensure to analyze the content from all the aspects in order to optimize it in quality as much as they can.

Best Tips to Improve Writing Skills

There are various important steps and procedures that must be incorporated quite gracefully in the content to get splendid outcomes.

Let us quickly rush towards the most important tips to improve writing skills:

Read, Read and Read!

The more you read, the more you polish your writing skills. It is optimally important for the writers to go through the content of different authors. It helps them in building the vocabulary and utilizing their thinking into the word in a much meaningful manner.

When you read different authors, then you come to know about different writing styles.

The content remains in mind for longer and broadens up the vision of the writer. Indeed, it is the most effective means to gain information.

It is not possible for any writer to craft the masterpieces until he has not had any valuable information about them. The more authentic and high-rated sources you would go through, the more success you would ultimately achieve.

Practice Writing

Your writing skills cannot be improved until you practice writing. Yes, after going through the content, it is necessary to write down a few passages or articles about it. It will let you determine the changes in your writing and even help in polishing it.

Focus on writing about the topic of your interest so that you would cover multiple aspects of it.

Take your practice to the advanced level through taking challenges in competing for the content in limited tenure. The more your practice, the more your polish in terms of impressing users with your valuable content!

Proofread and Edit

The habit of proofreading is mandatory to be adopted. Proofread involves a variety of parameters to analyze in the content. For many of the writers, it is much tough and time consuming to do. However, it is not as tough as it seems.

You can easily find out the flaws in the content through developing the habit of proofreading the content and hence can rectify these errors on a prior basis.

When you publish or submit the content without proofreading, then you leave a bad impression of your writing on others. It declines the credibility of the writer.

Use Online Plagiarism Checker

The writer must try not to steal the content of any other person, but be the writer in his own words.

It is not possible to check plagiarism in the content on a manual basis. Check plagiarism in the content by using a plagiarism checker free! Whenever you craft any piece of writing, then ensure to pass it from the plagiarism tool. It will not waste your energy or time but help you out in getting about the status of your write-up quite instantly.

Grammar Check

The grammatical mistakes are ample to tarnish the reputation of the writer and make the content to be of low quality.

Utilize a free grammar checker to find out about the grammatical mistakes of the content, if any.

Writers passing their content from the English grammar check online gain splendid benefits. It will highlight the grammatical issues and also help in the rectification of them by offering the right grammar for the content.

Take Technological Assistance

There are enormous technological tools available for the services of the writers so that they come up with high-quality content.

The most important of these are plagiarism checker-free, free grammar check, and paraphrasing tool-free. Hence, you can save much of your precious money by using these valuable online tools.

Use Paraphrasing Tool

A paraphrasing tool proves itself to be the most worthy assistant of the writers. When the writer is suffering from difficulty in writing the content and suffers from writer’s block, then it helps out the most.

Similarly, writers can use essay rewriters to get rid of plagiarized content with ease. With the use of a free paraphrasing tool, you can bring much progress and uniqueness to your content.

The technique to rewrite sentences in a different manner adds more originality to the content. Learn about the advanced vocabulary, highly suitable synonyms, and ways to present sentences in a much graceful manner with the help of the paraphrasing tool.

In a Nutshell

The advent of the paraphrase tool, grammar check, and plagiarism checker added more and more facilitation in the lives of the masses.

Let the online approach optimize your confidence in your content!

The determination of high quality in the content can be guaranteed with the use of grammar checks and other such tools. Do not take huge gaps between writing. Else the flow would be broken! Go with the flow and write whatever comes to your mind!

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Discover How to Focus Your Mind and Increase Your Attention Span

The guide to improving your focus and increasing your concentration skills.Get the eBook

The Grinch That Stole Christmas, as Never before Experienced

Just last evening, as my two sons were winding down from a typical Tuesday at school and slipping into the typical Tuesday evening routine at home, I noticed my youngest son lying on the sofa with a large book in his hands. While both of my sons are avid readers, and this is not an out of the ordinary occurrence, his focus seemed razor sharp, and I was curious what held his attention so fully.

“Hey Bud, watcha readin’?”, I asked. He held up the book without saying a word. It was one of my absolute favorite holiday delights, ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’. I could tell he was completely mesmerized with the words and pictures as he excitedly turned each page.

Years of nightly, pre-bedtime reading to this newly nine-year-old little boy, when he was much younger and much less capable of reading on his own, flashed through my mind. Sitting in my comfortable over-sized lazy-boy, holding this little nugget on my lap, smelling his freshly washed little boy hair and smiling to myself at his precious little boy pajamas, as I read countless bedtime stories each night before putting him to bed.

Oh, how I miss those days! When ‘just one more, Mommy…’ is anything I would give to hear again.

While memories flashed through my mind like a Chevy Chase Christmas Vacation slideshow in the attic, I said: “Would you like me to read the book to you?”. My son shook his head and informed me he could read it himself. Doing a quick reassessment, I said: “Well, it is one of my favorites; maybe you could read it to me?”. He contemplated this for a split second, and then sheepishly crawled from the sofa, across the living room to where I sat, in the exact same chair I rocked him as a baby all those years ago.

That little boy proceeded to read the whole book (he started over so that I didn’t miss anything) to me. I held my tongue when he came to a word he did not know how to pronounce. He figured them all out, even the ‘Suessery’ words that did not quite make it into the English lingo we use daily.

As I sat, barely holding this nearly full-grown child, half on my lap and half sitting beside me, I lost myself in the story I could practically quote from heart. It was almost like hearing it for the first time, as my youngest son, with his sweet little voice full of excitement, read it with full-on overly-zealous and theatrical Dr. Suess flare.

How quickly time passes and how one’s perception of a situation is the key to one’s acceptance and…even enjoyment.

If I had let myself sit there too long, I would have become weepy and misty-eyed, considering the passage of time and how my baby is no longer my baby.


Reveling in his newly found reading skills, I was able to enjoy spending quality time with him in a way that was different, yet completely enjoyable, for both of us.

In taking the time to read to me, his Mommy turned Mother, I was able to fully immerse myself in the story, revel in the reading skills this child has developed, and feel as close to him as I did when he was a small version of the young man he is today.

Time is sure to change our relationship with our children. But that does not have to be a bad thing! Letting our once needy and helpless kids take the reigns once in awhile and take care of us parents, whether it be driving us around, fixing dinner, tucking us in once in a while, or reading us a bedtime story as we once did for them, can be quite a beautiful and unexpected gift. “Try it, you might like it” comes to mind, but I realize that is the wrong Dr. Suess story…

I can assure you, dear Mommy and Daddy friends, as my son sat with me in that big, over-sized lazy-boy recliner, and read one of my favorite Christmas stories of all time, my heart grew five sizes (which is two sizes larger than the Grinch’s after he unsuccessfully attempted to steal Christmas from the Who’s of Whoville).

Manndi Maphies DeBoef works at the UMKC School of Pharmacy at Missouri State University. She also enjoys freelance writing. Her greatest passion is being a boy mom to her two sons, William and Waylan, who never fail to provide daily entertainment, which inspires many of her writings. She writes about everything from being a single mom and dating after divorce to finding love later in life, the devastation of miscarriage, the loss of a loved one and starting over. Her pieces are lovingly filled with inspiration, encouragement, and always a touch of humor. “Live a life worth writing about.”

Image courtesy of Ksenia Chernaya.

Listen Again: The Artist’s Voice

Original broadcast date: May 13, 2021. Art not only spreads joy, but also inspires us to think deeply about the world around us. This hour, TED speakers explore how dance, poetry, and film can shift beliefs and empower creative expression. Guests include choreographer Camille A. Brown, director Jon M. Chu, and poets Amanda Gorman and Lee Mokobe.

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Gifts of the Season

If you’re anything like me- you adore this time of year.

The food! The festivities! The decorations! If you’re in a cold climate and love it- SNOW! I’m perfectly happy with a California Christmas, but I have plenty of loved ones that cherish the cold and snow.

I’m the person that buys special pajamas for my whole family because I love how cute everyone looks, and because it’s such a fun thing to do every year. I love that even though my daughters are getting older, they still participate. My husband happily does it too. I love the bright wrapping paper under the tree, and the family traditions.

As much as I love the end of the year, and the time with my family, I also love it for another reason. It’s a wonderful time to practice gratitude, to look around at your life, and acknowledge what you have.

There’s no better time than the present to appreciate your life, but the end of the year is a really good time to look back and feel good about what you do have.

My entire life, and business, is built around gratitude. I practice it daily. In the midst of the stress of life, finding moments each day to acknowledge what I am grateful for provides peace. Usually, they’re small things. But small things are often big things, you know?

The end of the year is when I really love to focus on the true gifts of life, the real things I’m incredibly grateful for. The things that are the foundations of my life, that contribute greatly to my joy and zest for life.

My daughters, first and foremost, I’m forever grateful for them. I’m grateful for what they’ve taught me, and continue to teach me. I’m grateful that they’re happy and healthy.

I’m grateful for my husband, for the safe space he is for me. I’m grateful for the different perspectives he provides, and for his constant energy- even when it drives me nuts.

I’m grateful for the home I live in, in a warm climate. I love that my home is cozy, and safe, and that everyone that comes inside feels loved. I have a roof over my head every night, and a clean bed to sleep in.

I’m grateful to have access to such amazing, healthy, and nutritious food. I have clean water to drink, as often as I need it, and clean air to breathe during the many moments of my year when I need to talk deep, calming breaths.

I also remain incredibly grateful for my tribe. The people that are there when I’m down, that I’ve shared endless laughter with, and always have my back. I wouldn’t have gotten through this year without the incredible people in my life, and I am so blessed to be loved by them, and to love them.

These things I’ve listed, I think about often, and frequently thank the universe for. But, I also like to really feel grateful for the these things as each year ends, and feel the beautiful energy of life around me. Life is beautiful, and there are so many wonderful things in each of our lives.

So before the clock strikes midnight on December 31st, and your thoughts inevitably turn to the new year, and the new things you want to happen, I ask that you please take time to think about what this year has been.

Every year provides gifts, and memories, and you leave each year a new version of yourself.

There are always things to be grateful for, and proud of. So take some real moments, and honor what this year has been. List out what your true gifts are- not the shiny ones wrapped in paper, but the things you can’t live without.

Really take a moment to be grateful for those things that kept you going, those things that are your foundations, and all the things you do have that you might be taking for granted. We all do it. There are people with so much, that forget what they have. And there are too many people with far too little, that want what we all take for granted- warmth, food, and loved ones to celebrate with.

Now, I’m not guilting you here, but there’s truth in all of this. You very likely have more than you realize, and it really is a wonderful time to give thanks for those incredible things that make up your life.

So I ask you, what are the true gifts in your life?

In Gratitude,


Robin Lee is a medical intuitive, author, mentor, gratitude advocate, and speaker who has helped thousands of people around the world understand the language of their bodies. Robin believes that our bodies innately know how to balance and heal themselves if given proper care and support. Visit her website and follow her on Facebook and Twitter, where she shares tips, tools, and techniques to honor our bodies and heal our lives!

Image courtesy of Any Lane.