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Remez Sasson Quotes for a Happy and Successful Life

Remez Sasson Quotes

A collection of Remez Sasson quotes for inspiration, motivation happiness, and a successful life.

Remez Sasson is the author and creator of the website

He has been writing for many years about self-improvement, positive thinking, the law of attraction, spiritual growth, meditation and inner peace.

Remez Sasson

Remez Sasson has written several popular books that have improved the lives of thousands of people around the world.

In his articles and books he provides practical and clear guidance for building a positive mindset, using the law of attraction and creative visualization, practicing meditation, and gaining inner peace and mental calmness.

His articles and books are the result of years of study, personal experience, and of practicing various inner development methods.

Remez Sasson Quotes

Cheerful and Happy Quote

“Today I choose to be cheerful and happy, and do the things I love doing.”

“Both success and failure start in your mind.”

“Be the writer, director and actor of the movie that you run in your mind. In this movie, see yourself living a wonderful and prosperous life, right now, not in the future.”

“When the restless activity of your mind slows down, when your thoughts stop rushing like waves on a windy day, then you will start getting glimpses of the sweet taste of inner peace.”

 take a trip within your soul

“Take a trip to a far away country, but also take a trip within your soul, through meditation and other self-improvement techniques. Both trips will teach a lot about yourself and about life.”

“A well-developed concentration skill enables you to focus your mind on each task and goal, and therefore, accomplish it faster, with less effort, and with more efficiency.”

“A persistent strong desire pushes your goal into manifestation.”

Nothing Is More Rewarding than Peace of Mind

“Nothing is more rewarding than peace of mind.

“Positive thinking means expecting, believing, and visualizing what you want to achieve. It means seeing in your mind’s eye the thing you want, as an accomplished fact.”

“You get peace of mind not by thinking about it or imagining it, but by quietening and relaxing the restless mind.”

“Pay attention to the coffee you are drinking, to the food you are eating, to the beautiful view around you. Be here and now, and your joy, happiness and calmness would increase.”

“When the mind thinks of success, the outside world mirrors these thoughts.”

You Choose Happiness

“When you choose to let go of unhappy past events, and stop dwelling on fears and worries, you choose happiness.”

“Perseverance is like driving a bulldozer that moves on and on, removing all obstacles on the way.”

“What you think today is what you live tomorrow.”

“Feeding your mind with thoughts about success will create success in your life.”

“The mental movie that you play in your mind is the life that you will live tomorrow.”

More Motivational Remez Sasson Quotes

“Positive and negative are directions that lead to different results. Which direction do you choose?”

abundance Will Fill Your Life

“If you do not allow doubts and disbelief to enter your mind, abundance will fill your life.”

“Riches, mediocrity and poverty begin in the mind.”

“Peace of mind is not dependent on special conditions or circumstances. It is the privilege of everyone, not just of yogis and monks living in an ashram or a monastery.”

Wishing the Highest Good

“Positive thinking is wishing yourself the highest good abundantly.”

“When you rehearse success in your mind, you experience success in your life.”

“When you choose to persevere, no goal is too big for you.”


“Whatever your present reality is, stick to POSITIVENESS, and keep expecting THE BEST to happen.”

“Changing your life, achieving your dreams, traveling abroad, or getting a new job, start with a change of attitude.”

“If a door opens, take the chance to experience new experiences, live a different life.”

Abundance and Scarcity

“Both abundance and scarcity start in the mind.”

“Dare to be optimistic. It doesn’t cost you money or time. It’s free, and makes you feel better, more confident and more energetic.”

““Live in the now and focus on the now, because it is the only time that exists.”

When You Choose to Persevere, no Goal Is too Big for you

“When you choose to persevere, no goal is too big for you.”

“You will never progress in life, if you choose to remain in your comfort zone.”

Self growth means the improvement of your habits and developing kindness, considerateness and inner strength.”

“Reliving past events in your mind or worrying about the future, prevent you from living and enjoying the present moment.”

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Remez Sasson Books

Remez Sasson has written several books. Here are a few of them:

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Manifest and Achieve

Make Your Dreams Come True, with the Law of Attraction

Improve your life and achieve whatever you want, no matter what your current reality is.
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I Lost My First Dog 4 Months Ago, and I’m Still Not Okay

I chatted with a work friend the other day on our lunch break. After updating each other on our personal lives, I asked her how her senior dog was doing. Blue was 13 already, and he had been slowing down for the last few years.

My co-worker’s face softened at my question. “He’s good, but I can’t help wondering what is going to happen once he passes away. I mean, he is my entire world and I don’t think I’ll ever be the same without him. I’ve never bonded this closely with any animal I’ve had…” her voice trailed off. She knew that my dog Neville Longbottom had passed away a few months prior, and I could see that she was struggling with how to apologize for bringing up the loss of a pet.

Without skipping a beat, I stepped in. “Please don’t say sorry for bringing that up. Any reminder of Neville is a reason for me to smile. He was the best thing to happen to me.”

“Wow,” she replied. “Thank you. Can I ask you something?” she hesitated before continuing.

“You seem like you’re in a great place. How long did it take you to get there?”

I laughed a little. I had gotten pretty good at pretending like I was fine. But I was a mess that day, and I’m still a mess now. Losing my dog is a wound so deep, so unlike anything I’ve ever felt. I look forward to the day where I can say that I’m “better”, but today is not that day.

Carefully, I responded. “I’m not really in a good place at all. Not even a little. I had a ‘cry like a baby’ sob session in my shower this morning when I remembered how he used to wait for me on the bathmat while I showered. I’ll probably have another cry fest tomorrow. And I’m okay admitting to you I’m not okay. I feel more human this way.”

We talked about other things, but our conversation came back to me that night as I cried myself to sleep thinking about Neville.

Grief is a confusing process. Neville is the first pet I’ve ever lost, so I’m undertaking this horrible stage of my life as a first-timer.

It’s been four months already, and I’m at a strange place in my grieving process. I still think about him every single day multiple times a day. When it happens, I get a sharp, stabbing pain in my chest. My eyes water and my stomach hurts. But I brush off my tears and get back to work.

Truthfully, if I sat down and sobbed every time I felt like sobbing, I’d get nothing done. I’d probably lose my job and get kicked out of my apartment.

Because I’d like my life to continue as normal as possible, I don’t sabotage everything I’ve worked so hard to accomplish every time I feel depressed. But no, I am not okay.

I miss him. I wish he was here because nothing feels normal since he left. My home is too quiet and I miss the messiness of a furry friend following me around everywhere. I miss the beautiful simplicity of calling his name.

No one tells you after losing your dog that you’ll ache to talk about him to anyone who will listen because you don’t get to call his name anymore.

After 4 months of mourning, am I ready for a new dog?

I’m not sure. Sometimes I feel absolutely ready to welcome a new dog into my life. I imagine myself choosing an older dog who is having a hard time getting adopted, and I know giving a home to a dog like that would fill my heart with joy. But I’m not sure I want to go through this grieving process in a few years again with a new dog.

I’m confused because I’ve reached this really stressful step where I feel like I’m ready and as soon as I click to submit an intake form to a new shelter, my mind just runs wild with these crazy scenarios:

  • What if this new dog doesn’t love me the way Neville loved me?
  • What if our relationship isn’t as close? (Of course, Neville and I weren’t best friends right away, and our love took 7 years to grow into what it was.)
  • What if I’m not ready at all, and I mistakenly get a new dog while I’m still mourning my best friend? That could be really damaging to my new dog’s adjustment.

I realize I am over-worrying; that is just the person I am. I just hope that it’s clear that I take the role of being a rescue dog-mom very seriously. It’s all of this silly overthinking that has stopped me from setting up an appointment with a shelter for a meet and greet.

If you’ve recently lost your pet

If you’ve recently lost your furry best friend, my heart hurts for you. I know the pain you are feeling and there is an entire community of beautifully broken animal lovers who know that pain too.

Grief is a complicated, tumultuous journey. There is no one-size-fits-all way of coping with losing someone special. And truthfully, the advice I leave here for my readers may not comfort every animal lover. Because we love differently, you and I.

Some people move on quicker than others, but it does not mean that they did not love them enough. Because we love differently, we cope differently. Some of us need a new companion sooner than others. And again, that’s okay. It’s okay to feel ready for a new dog almost immediately.

Similar to how we cannot judge widowed people for moving on and marrying again, we cannot tell anyone that they are a bad person for getting a new pet so quickly after losing one.

No one but us knows how to move on and mend our heart.

It’s okay to be a mess months later, even years later. It’s okay to mourn the person/animal who left such an imprint on your heart for the rest of your life. It’s okay to cry over how much you miss them. There is nothing wrong with missing them, even though you have new pets or a new person in your life. Grief is confusing, and feeling lost is perfectly normal. Find a group of people who have been lost before and keep them around. A healthy support system is a key to moving on and finding happiness again.

Because you will find happiness again.

Do not lose hope. While everything may feel dark, I promise, there are brighter days ahead. You will become another animal’s entire world one day, and you’ll look back at these low moments and feel grateful that you did not give up.

If you are a pet owner who’s never lost a pet

If you’ve never lost a pet before, then chances are you may have already clicked out of this article. I don’t blame you; I hated thinking about the inevitable until I had no choice but to face it. I hated thinking about what life would like without him. Until one day I looked around, and I was no longer a doggy-daycare mom. I was just someone who used to have a dog, once.

Neville made up my personality. Loving him was a big part of me, so it’s only normal that life feels eerily empty without the responsibilities that came with Neville’s companionship.

But if you are a pet owner and you are still reading, perhaps you will hold your furry friend just a little tighter tonight. Maybe you’ll spoil them with a new, colorful springtime collar and take 100 pictures of them in it. I hope you forgive them even quicker for accidentally making a mess on your favorite rug, and I hope you’ll let them sleep with you in your bed tonight even though you are trying to stop that habit. (It’s hard, I know.)

I’m scared I won’t ever know a love like the one Neville and I had. I’m terrified that the bond will not be the same, while cognizant of the fact that there will never be another Neville. I watch the hundreds of videos I have on my phone of him, and I’m reminded of how deep this wound is. I’m also overwhelmed at how emotional I become when I press play and I hear his little barks.

But again, I’m working hard to remind myself of better days.

Am I okay? No, I am not. But I’m not giving up because I know there is a dog out there in a shelter who is scared, lonely, and in desperate need of a human who is going to love them unconditionally. When I’m ready, I’m going to be that human for them, and all will be well again because Neville taught me how to love animals the way I do. And for him, I am eternally grateful.

Jessica Mendez is a full-time writer living in Las Vegas, NV. She received her bachelor’s degree in psychology from NAU and her master’s degree in family and human development from ASU. In 2018, she left her career in mental health to pursue a career in writing. She is currently working on her debut novel and a collection of bilingual poetry. Follow her on Twitter and Medium to read more of her work.

Image courtesy of Samson Katt.

How Culture Shapes Who We Are?

Culture Shapes Who We Are

Culture is the belief, objects, behaviors, and other characteristics shared by a group. And it’s a vital part of a person’s life because it has a huge influence on their values, views, worries and fears, humor, hopes, loyalties, and basically every part of their lives.

And that journey in which we find ourselves and grow as a person is known as a cultural identity.

We begin to learn about our culture and our society after birth. That is called socialization, and it involves a lot more than just schooling. However, the dominant culture in different schools, colleges, courses, or any kind of educational environment can also greatly affect how we see ourselves and others.

This topic is especially popular with students because, despite the diversity worldwide, teenagers and young adults still face identity issues. However, over the past years the attitude to culture has changed a lot.

Any student looking up cultural identities essay topics online can see the tendency to absorb various cultures and unite them in order to cultivate a new identity grounded on several cultural heritages.

They state that people begin to piece together the different aspects of their identity with personal growth, and the idea of how they see themselves is created through their own experiences. And many see religion, linguistic identity, and cultural heritage as the most important factors that impact a person’s identity.

Linguistic Identity

Linguistic identity is constantly associated with cultural identity. Culture and language can create a safe space for a person and make a place feel like home. And when that kind of environment shifts and culture and language are immersed, the feeling of a safe space can disappear.

A person’s feelings can completely change when they are speaking a different language. And can also cause them to look through a new cultural lens.

For example, many studies show that when Latin Americans are asked to write about their life in Spanish, they mostly end up with writings about their families, and when asked to write in English, they end up writing about their academic success, achievements, college assignments or lessons, work, or everyday life.

Or a woman walking in the street speaking French may get a different reaction from another that speaks English. And that shows that language has a huge influence on how people view their lives and the lives of others.

In some cases, language can create an exotic persona for some, but in other cases, it can make people feel like outsiders. Identity may have many elements, but the history surrounding language can have deep roots in a person.

Religious Identity

Religion is the next big factor when it comes to formatting an identity. It plays a huge part in a person’s morals and views of life. The views can be entirely changed by the history or rules of a particular religion.

There are two components of identity and religion: the correlation between religion and the sense of unity.

Religion is associated with a large group of people that have the same values in life, and that unity allows them to surround themselves with people with a similar mindset. That provides a feeling of comfort.

Although sometimes being a part of religion can have the opposite effect on a person, they may be raised in a specific religion, but not agree with it. And that can cause them frustration and fear, holding a person from voicing and forming their own beliefs and their own identity.

The second link is the relationship between ethnicity and religion, such as Confucianism and Buddhism.

This shows how religion and culture both influence a person’s identity. Because most of the time, religions have cultural passengers, and in most areas, religion is the foundation of ethnicity. When a person has a strong religious identity, they also have a strong cultural identity.

Being associated with a specific religion provides views and rules followed by the participants, which has the most propounding effect on a person’s identity. It can also bring a person down to earth and connect with others easily because they do not have universal questions to answer.

However, some non-religious people can be curious to find scientific answers to universal inequalities, which can cause them to create their own ideas of right and wrong and their own morals.


The culture, religion, and language that a person is surrounded by are a big part of their identity.

Those elements change the outlook that a person has on their everyday life and the world. Their views, options, self-image, and practices are all affected by those elements, and without them, people would be so different, they would lack individuality, personality, and flare.

Culture makes us who we are, so everyone should proudly embrace the different aspects of their cultural background because it can allow them to bloom in ways no one saw coming.


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To My Inner Child as I Put to Rest a Lifetime of Trauma

Once a week, I revisit some of the most traumatic moments of my life. I never imagined time travel would feel like this. I’ve stepped into the age of five, the age of fourteen. I have visited past selves that I keenly remember — and have spent an entire lifetime trying to forget.

This is the therapeutic process when it involves trauma work and EMDR, or Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. While this isn’t my first time in therapy in my life, it is the first time I’ve directly addressed early trauma and the impact its had on my life. It’s also the first time I’ve had any hope I can be free of the weight of it.

I didn’t even realize how much of the trauma I was still carrying around. I walked into my first therapy session knowing that I was recovering from a severe bout of depression. Between dealing with depression and a recent heartbreak, I was sure there would be plenty to unpack, but my therapist wanted to go deeper — back to the place where all the difficult feelings I was experiencing had originated.

I am a former therapist, but I was never trained in EMDR. I knew very little about it, and I had no idea how hard it would be — or how freeing. I’m not done yet. I have more work ahead of me, but it’s the first time in my life that I’ve realized that I can do something about the painful memories that never stopped causing me pain. Instead of being stuck at the emotional ages of those parts of my past, I’m healing and putting those ghosts to rest.

Having spent a lot of time with my inner, hurting child, I have a few things I need to say to her, things she probably needs (and needed) to hear:

I see your pain, but I also see your strength and resilience. For every moment of bottled rage, I see how you simultaneously crafted a colorful inner world. The world outside was ugly, and you felt you had no control. Your world inside was beautiful, and there, you reigned supreme.

Life hurt you, and you fought back, and you thought you were fine. I thought you were fine. But instead, you’d taken the pieces of pain and folded them up so tightly, tricking me into thinking they were healed when you turned them into pretty origami shapes to disguise a painful past. They weren’t healed, merely transformed. As you continued to transform yourself, trying on each new version to survive.

But I have visited you again, and I feel the sharp ache of longing in your bones for love that feels like enough. I feel your secret fears that you are as unworthy as you’ve been made to feel. But you are loved enough, and you are worthy. You are worthy now. You were worthy then. You will always be worthy of love, of belonging, and of being seen and accepted for who you are.

You are not your pain. You are not your struggle. Your gift may have been sharpened against pain, but your gift was not born of it. It was born in YOU. You have always been stronger than the storm around you. You have always loved hard even when you didn’t have enough love to wrap around yourself at night.

You were not okay — but you will be okay. You survived it all. Now you get to thrive.

It seems like the past cannot be changed. It’s a fixed point in time. Yet, our perspective of it can change. Our viewpoint can shift from the hurting child to the strong and capable adult. Healing is possible — and not just the whitewashed coat of acceptance and forgiveness over a tarnished past but real, complete healing.

EMDR has been a life-changing process. I can feel the shifts in me, and it’s more than accepting the past as it was. It’s changing how I see the world — and perhaps even how the world sees me. For those who have experienced trauma, EMDR offers an opportunity to heal those moments that forever altered us. It offers an opportunity to reclaim our power and, in doing so, to reclaim our lives.

Every visit to the past leaves more of it behind me. Every return to my inner child highlights her strength over her suffering. The past is being rewritten, and this time I am the narrator.

I walk out of therapy with a tear-streaked face, but my head is held high. I know that time travel is possible, and healing is happening here. I visit my inner child, and I tell her what she needs to hear. With every whisper to my former self, I am changing. With every visit to my past, I am changing my future.

Crystal Jackson is a former therapist turned author. Her work has been featured on Medium, Elephant Journal, Elite Daily, and The Good Men Project. She’s also the author of Left on Main, the first book in the Heart of Madison series. When she’s not writing for Medium and working on her next book, you can find Crystal traveling, paddle boarding, running, throwing axes badly but with terrifying enthusiasm, hiking, doing yoga, or curled up with her nose in a book in Madison, Georgia, where she lives with her two wild and wonderful children.

Image courtesy of Ryanniel Masucol.