Month: September 2020

4 Powerful Mantras to Anchor you into Presence

Here’s four powerful mantras that help you anchor into the present moment.

We think money, material gifts and opportunities are the greatest gifts we can give to a person we love. These are noble gifts. Money provides us with opportunity to fulfill our wants, needs and desires, material gifts satisfy our dopamine cravings and opportunities can pave the way towards a better life. However, the ultimate gift you can give to someone you love is your true presence; your true attention. 

Learn how to love yourself by giving yourself your true attention and as a result, giving others your true presence will be effortless. It will just be who you are by then. Four mantras of true presence are I am here for you, I know you are here and I’m glad you’re here, I know you suffer, how can I help? and I am suffering, please help. The greatest gift you can give yourself and everyone you love is genuine connection living in the precious moments of life. You do this by being truly present. You show up for yourself and your loved ones and, you stop, you listen, you enjoy, you support, you fix, you improve, you walk each other home.

I am here for you.

Simple but powerful words. Spoken with pure awareness and intention, these words become a prayer, a gentle ode to the present moment. One of the greatest ways you can show yourself and your loved ones how much you love them is by being there for them, in the present moment, where life takes place. 

I am glad you are here.

If being happy by the mere presence of a human being isn’t indicative of love, then I don’t know what is. Genuine happiness due to the presence of a being and not what benefits the being can bring to you is an honest gift we can consciously gift to our loved ones through our true presence. Tuning in intensely to the present moment and affirming the divine existence of your loved ones will touch their souls and make for more fulfilling experiences.

I know you suffer, how can I help?

Suffering has been instrumental to the human condition. We’re always suffering in one way or another. When the mind, body, soul continuum is aligned and these words are spoken, they become a declaration of love. The ultimate sign of community, support and love is helping to release the burdens of suffering. What greater gift can you give a person than to make their existence better by helping them transcend their suffering?

I suffer, can you help me?

Another monumental mantra, this one allows us to be vulnerable with our loved ones when we are hurting. Letting a loved one in on such a vulnerable level is trusting that loved one with the deepest most precious parts of our being. It’s fostering real, spiritual connection. It’s being authentic with your loved ones. Your authenticity with your loved ones, is a measure of your comfort, which is a measure of your love and your presence. 

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Your true presence is the best gift you can give to anyone. Your true presence is your attention. It’s the result of the focus alignment of your mind, body and soul. It’s when you give your being to another; it’s how you show them your love.

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BREAKING: Signs of Alien Life Detected on Venus

An international scientific team has discovered phosphine on Venus, which is indicative of the possibility that life forms could exist on the largely inhospitable planet.

We’re one step closer to indubitably answering the age old question that has plagued the consciousness of mankind since perhaps the beginning of life as we know it. Are we alone in the cosmos? Are human beings doomed to complete our lifetimes without cosmic neighbors to share our existence with?

Scientists say they’ve detected a gas in the clouds of Venus that, on Earth, is produced by microbial life.

Phosphine was found on Venus using the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope in Hawaii and subsequently confirmed with the Atacama Large Millimeter Array radio telescopes in Chile. As explained by the scientists, phosphine on Earth is produced by bacteria that exist in oxygen poor environments. Clara Sousa-Silva, Massachusetts Institute of Technology molecular astrophysicist explained that the possibility of life forms existing on Venus merely due to the presence of phosphine is a last resort explanation; it’s not a conclusion. They’ve ruled out a lot of other possible reasons and they’re continuing the exploration to find an answer. 

We may be one step closer to connecting to our potential galactic neighbors and I for one, gladly welcome the chance.